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The Vayana - Good Business Score (GBS), powered by CRIF helps you attract new customers and solid suppliers. In short, it’s Good for Business! So go ahead and find out your GBS score - it will take just a few minutes, and it is absolutely FREE!





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About Good Business Score

The Vayana - Good Business Score (GBS), powered by CRIF is a measure of business health. Your GBS score will help your company by opening doors to new business opportunities.

The GBS is like an X-Ray or blood report for your business. It tells you the exact picture of your business health - where you are doing well ,and which areas need to be improved upon. Getting the score from time to time, and making the right improvements, helps your company stand out from competition and achieve new business growth.

The score is confidential and cannot be shared with anyone without your consent.

The Score is brought to you by Vayana Network - India’s largest trade finance platform, and CRIF India - One of India’s leading provider of Credit Information, Business Information, Analytics, Scoring, Credit Management and Decisions Solution.

How your GBS score helps you

Attract new customers

A higher score indicates that your business is stable and growing. A great signal for customers to prefer you over your competitors.

Better terms from Suppliers

The strength and stability of your business will also ensure that suppliers feel that they can grow with you – and hence offer your better services and better terms.

Tips to improve business health

By checking your score regularly, you will know exactly what factors to focus on to keep making your business health better and better.

How do you get a better score

By steadily increasing sales volumes and revenues

By adding new customers

By timely filing of GST Returns

Get your GBS Score in 3 steps


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